Financial Report for 2009

-Dan Rael, Financial Coordinator

2009 was a quiet year financially for us. Our operating expenses were kept to a couple of hundred dollars. We made no grants in 2009, but are considering one proposal early in 2010 and plan to solicit for additional proposals, along with donations to support such grants.

Start of year (2009) Balance:


NPCA Memberships: $705.00
Lost check (web hosting from previous year): $119.88
Bay Area RPCV transfer: $83.00
Total Income: $907.88
Operating Expenses:
NPCA Re-affiliation: $ 90.00
Web Hosting: $119.88
Total Expenses: $209.88
Income minus Operating Expenses: $698.00
End of Year Balance (2009): $ 2891.08

Our Financial Coordinator, Dan Rael, RPCV, Paraguay can be contacted at